Not had chance to read and digest this yet, but I suspect it will prove interesting. The word has been “meta” (in information management) since just before the turn of the millenium. Metametaphysics.

As well as the obvious move in the meta direction towards abstraction as generalization as the basis for … whatever … I can’t help thinking Hostader’s “Tabletop” arms race for ever more creative metaphors will be at the root of this. There is of course a Chalmers / Hofstadter historical connection too.

Twice on one day. The Tabletop came to mind when I was reading (previous post) about the failure of models to “represent” reality, whilst modelling is clearly “part of the process of” reality. A new way of thinking. The way of reality? Sorry, just thinking out loud.

(And another interesting post from Chalmers on the extended mind.)

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