Conspiracy Theories

“Superstition brings bad luck” Ray Smullyan 5000BC

There exists a secret society with branches throughout the world, and its plot is to spread the rumour that a universal plot exists. Synarchy – a new European order led by a government of wise men, above party lines – […]  is a plot of international technocrats.

It’s like the story of the man with the bad stammer who complains that the radio station wouldn’t hire him as an announcer because he didn’t carry a party card. We always have to blame our failures on somebody else, and dictatorships always need an external enemy to bind their followers together. As the man said, for every complex problem there’s a simple solution, and it’s wrong.

And if, on a train I find a bomb wrapped in a flyer that speaks about synarchy, is it enough for me to say that this is a simple solution to a complex problem?

Of course [there] is only one thing to understand. Synarchy is God. […] people put bombs on trains because they are looking for God?

Umberto Eco “Foucault’s Pendulum” (1989)

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