Schoolyard Atheists

Hitchens and Dawkins that is, according to Terry Eagleton in this NYT review of his “Reason, Faith and Revolution” by Stanley Fish. Linked via a great piece from Ben Goertzl.

Don’t entirely agree with Ben. OK, so the philosophical / metaphysical questions like “why is there something rather than nothing” are not exactly “theological” questions – but they are questions whose answers … after any amount of conjecture … can only ever be taken on faith. A belief that can never be “reasoned” on the basis of known “science” even as the scientific boundaries are pushed back.

[Post Note – Fish’s God Talk Pt 2 here also in NYT. Thanks to Marde at Seev’s Place. – Ian McEwan quoted too – the narrative view – morality depends on believing – actually “having” – a story.]

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