The Pond Metaphor

Both Shawn and Mark at Anecdote have blogged about James Harlow Brown’s “Dangerous Undertaking: The Search for Transformation“.

The book is on my reading list, but I have several others ahead of it in the pipeline at the moment, however this metaphor reinforces why it looks interesting to me. Yes, overlapping patterns of involvement in the unfolding of reality, and reality as metaphor – but also seen as writing one’s own narrative. Rayner & Pirsig, Hofstadter & Lakoff, and Al MacIntyre & TE Lawrence all in one ?

One thought on “The Pond Metaphor”

  1. I’m reading Hofstadter ‘I am a strange loop’ right now – very interesting thus far – I quite like how he writes the process of his thoughts and his entertaining incorporations. I’ll have to check this one out as well.


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