Go Google Go

Well I never, it has happened.  Google  Operating System running from the power on the web side, called “Chrome OS”

I’ve been a user of GMail since its creation (just out of beta after 5 years), as well Google Spreadsheets and Google Chrome Browser. Love both of the latter, though I have to admit I’ve dropped back to the MS products, because I keep having compatibility problems in the otherwise MS world of real domestic and corporate life. Google Wave looks really powerful too.

I was a Blogger blogger before Google acquired it, but switched to WordPress simply because Blogger was behind on features I needed. I have to say that now, I’m not really satisfied with WordPress – it’s open-source development is so focussed on fashionable fads and cosmetic widgets that any “serious” content management development doesn’t get a look in. But hey, they are both web server driven so they are independent problems – there will never be any Google vs WordPress incompatibilities.

Doing so much with wiki products recently too, that MS Office authoring tools are really becoming redundant as a package. I think Google can pull this off. Look out for Google Chrome OS Netbooks in 2010.

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