The Memory of Water

The Memory of Water. The office chat around here is last night’s Beeb programme on Homeopathy, and several mentions of the 1984 Jacques Benvensita theory on “The Memory of Water” . The dilution levels at finite numbers of molecules of active agents per unit volume of solution makes it seem preposterous that a sample further diluted can have any amount of the active ingredient present in a physical sense. All sorts of issues with truly controllable, repeatable test conditions to prove homeopathic benefit, not to mention timescale and overlap issues with all the previous “contaminants” any part of any body of water may have been in contact since …. well, coming into existence / condensing from vapour ?

In any other light I’d have to count myself as a total sceptic on homeopathy …… however could the homeopathic property be some quantum non-locality effect of the contaminant and an emergent macro property chaotically determined by the micro component ? Perhaps worth a brief contemplation and then again perhaps not.[Homourous homeopathic antidote here.] [Many a true word here.]

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