Thanks to Rivets for the link, but coincidentally one of the largest sections in Diamond’s “Collapse” (two posts ago) is about Norse colonization of the north Atlantic – including Vinland outposts from Iceland and Greenland. Too far from home to sustain a viable Norse community without some serious attempt at integration with the natives and their local practices. But no doubt they visited and explored, Leif Erikson n’all.

The intriguing aspect for me was to learn that this area of Newfoundland was named by the Vikings because of its wine – hence Vinland. Talk about environmental change ?

PS – A little nostalgia – also from Rivets. Magic what sold for a few cents back in the day.

2 thoughts on “Vinland”

  1. Actually, the etymology could also be from the old Norse “vin”, meaning “meadow” or “pasture”

  2. Thanks Els, now that might make more sense, need to check where Diamond got his information.

    One point to note, it seems that new found locations were often given “atractive” names to encourage more travellers to colonize – pasture or wine, both could be lies.

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