Progress with the Platypus

Two weeks or more since I last posted – been incredibly busy recently – but in the last couple of days of air-travel and hotels I’ve managed to catch-up on reading Eco’s Kant and the Platypus. 80% finished now. Still on-message – much good stuff in here on the sociology of knowledge and so many good reference sources cited too. Particularly also liked the Quine and Gavagai references in the “Vanville” story.

Picked-up in a conversation with an information modelling colleague a positive reference to Lakoff’s – Fire, Women and Dangerous things also cited by Eco. (Lakoff also co-author of Metaphors We Live By – what was I saying about my bibliography / reading wish list ?).

Spooky Synchronicity no 297 in a series of thousands. Read the Eco sub-chapter – The Real Story of the Platypus, just before getting off the plane, and came into the house to find David Attenborough explaing the same story of incredulity as part of his Mammals series on the Beeb.

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