Something New on God vs Science ?

Latest Edge has an interesting piece on “36 Arguments for the Existence of God” .. interesting because it is clearly about debunking those arguments, but seems to recognize the ills of the extreme scientific fundamentalist front of “the new atheists”. Naturally, I like the idea that Harris and Dennett are acknowledged ahead of the current baying crowd … also named.

Published in January. Seems like the kind of writing I would do (if I could) not least for the “Joining Dots” motif – already in my header links. More to the point, it’s a fiction – and the extract published at the Edge link above reads OK – but the 36 key arguments are listed and systematically structured in a separate appendix, so that the fictional text, can simply refer to them – by number (!). An alternative trick to putting the chautauqua’s of convoluted arguments into the characters’ or narrator’s mouths directly.

I wonder if the readability can be sustained ? And, I wonder if the net message is indeed more subtle than the fundamentalists ? One to order.

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