On Not Being New Age

A new post from Chris Locke after a 6 month hiatus at Mystic Bourgeoisie.

I think Chris is getting closer to his agenda – the “but I’m not new-age” meme – is a meme defined by new-ageism. He’s right there, the problem of “Numinous Lunacy and Sanctimonious Narcissism” as he calls it, is memetic. Not surprising “following” purveyors of such stuff on twitter captures plenty of content – like accepting spam comments in blogs and wikis, except in twitter you are pre-accepting it – in the interests of research, naturally, with his sceptical wits about him. The “difficult times” tweet from James Arthur Ray is a peach.

I agree with Chris that it is dangerous to delve into the paradoxical morass between objective reality and … err … faith-based religion, that is, there are risks in being misled by what you perceive, confusing metaphor with any kind of empiricism. Proceed with caution, with scepticism, yes, clearly. But where I part with Chris is in somehow seeing the whole idea (of even considering those uncertainties) as part of some evil conspiracy, off limits. It’s  a problem meme / memeplex. We agree it is a big timeless and perennially relevant problem. And a problem that is getting worse, paradoxically, as unmediated publication gets ever easier in our global village.

Genuinely interested to see what the outcome of the deeper right wing “Indian” research throws up. Keep on blogging MB.

2 thoughts on “On Not Being New Age”

  1. Thanks, I appreciate this. The “the deeper right wing ‘Indian’ research” has yielded a lot, so far. So much, in fact, that assembling it all and communicating it is more than I bargained for. But I already said that in my post. Certain nasty business with the IRS has gotten in the way — so at least now I have a better excuse. 🙁

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