The Four Horsemen

Or “Ditchkins” as Eagleton would have them. Came across this (Part 2 of 10) because of the quote about …

“separating the numinous from the supernatural”

… on this Wikipedia page.

I was in fact trying to track down the Greek / Latin split in the etyomology of Numen / Noumena – both clearly about the transdendent, absolute, “divine” nature of things given by their “nodding” acquaintance with god(s), as opposed to empirical phenomena. (This is where we need “PIE” linguists rather than Kant.)

Interesting that “numinous” is seen as a concept worthy of understanding by these four. As noted many times, I am a serious fan of Dennett, have a lot of time for Harris, precious little for Dawkins and a recent admission to having underestimated Hitchens. (Commenting on a review of “God is not Great“. Overall impressions of the four reinforced by just 10 minutes of this conversation.) Looks like Parts 1 to 10 need to be reviewed. The plot thickens and the convergence continues.

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