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I see FaceBook is going the way of GoogleWave – recognizing that each post / thread has a life that is not fixed by membership of any one network. We are networked networks with access & publishing rights changes at each interconnecting node. Wonder what those new controls will look like ? Really must play with Ning and Wave.

2 thoughts on “FaceBook Networked Networks”

  1. Hi Ian – I thought the whole idea of Facebook was to network networks of friends. There must be something else at play here which seems that largely people who associate with each other often have the same ideas. How much can you agree the same thing similiarily? I have had to be careful with “friends.” When I expressed an opposite opinion it appeared to some that I wasn’t a friend. “Faithful are the wounds of a friend.” But, of course, they would have to indeed BE friends. I sometimes get direct and instant messages on Facebook and Twitter when the idea began on an open network of friends or followers. The same is sometimes true of blogs. Instead of an open dialogue some prefer emails. I like your blog. You write short thoughtful posts.

  2. Yes, but as you go on to describe … knowing a friend in any given situation is not always straightforward. Once that network overlaps many different parts of one’s life, a network of networks, the scope for trust being undermined by misunderstanding out of context grows exponentially. There are many natural efects that mean groups of “friends” share common views. I happen to believe that trust (love / friendship) are an important ingredient of social networks not easily managed by “the technology”.

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