Add Phillip Clayton ….

…. to the list of theologians talking sense. Thanks to David Morey for the link.

Relatively few scientists are working constructively to build conceptual bridges between science and religion. (Of course, this makes the few who are all the more important.) Most bench scientists are suspicious of those who call for an integration of science and religion, a new unitary perspective that draws from and learns from both. New Age, Eastern, and some liberal theologians, for example, make such calls, and upon them are heaped the greatest amounts of scorn.

Must also read Clayton’s response to Dan Dennett. (Excellent, no truly brilliant, thoroughly recommended. Although billed as a response to Dennett, in fact there is no particular criticism of Dennett, but plenty for Dawkins – a man after mine own. 

 … I am less disturbed by Dawkins’ tin ear for all things theological. (After all, he writes so beautifully.)

Finely honed stuff. Direct hit on the memetic target.

[Post Note – Hans Kung – “The Beginning of All Things: Science and Religion”]

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