Emperor’s New Transparency

Post from John Udell on an interview with Larry Lessig  about his New Republic essay Against Transparency. John says …

We don’t really want naked transparency, we want transparency clothed in context. The Net can be an engine for context assembly, a wonderful phrase I picked up years ago from Jack Ozzie and echoed in several essays. But it can also be a context destroyer.

Exactly. Too much access to too much information can destroy meaningful context.

BTW – liked this Software Carpentry post from John too.

And unconnected, but wanted to capture this link from Johnnie Moore on the complexity of organizations.

“Organisations are not things but patterns of interactions between people”.

Maybe we need to spend less time trying to find the levers of power and more time noticing the more subtle ways in which we interact with and influence those around us.

Understanding patterns of value.

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