Avatar – A One-Dimensional Story

The good news is that Reading beat Burnley 1:0 today.

The bad news is that Avatar has to be the biggest pile of one-dimensional crap ever. What, a thousand people in the credits maybe ? And they couldn’t afford to pay anyone to write a story or a script even ? What an unimaginative waste of expensive resources.

Every cliche in the book is OK as an idea, but it would have needed wit and humour to pull it off. And the 9/11 collapsing tower, falling ash, war on terror, shock & awe … how low can you get searching for paper-thin metaphors.

Some (very) good 3D and lighting effects though.

[Post Note – I was so disappointed, I couldn’t be bothered to be specific in the initial review, but the comment from Victor in the previous post – on stories – highlights just one of the massively wasted opportunities in the film – as also blogged here.]

[Post Note 2 : And the scale of the wasted opportunity becomes even clearer. Must investigate where the as-filmed story itself came from … was it crap to start with or ruined in the screenplay ? I see Cameron, scripted right from the original story idea through to the screenplay. Pity, given the immense collaboration on technical and linguistic detail, that more could not have been spared to develop the story before all the money was spent. Somebody tell me if there is a level of irony I’ve missed ? Oh good, maybe I am still sane after all

“critics, many of whom slated its plot, dialogue and characterisation, …”

Yep, plot, dialogue and characterisation. I think they were the missing dimensions of the salient story points.]

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