Beggin’ for Messi

Despite being a big fan (of Reading FC), usually when I blog a mention of football it’s for some exemplary moral decision-making reason, but I had to post this link to Robbo’s blog. Normally I avoid top-flight UK & European and national / international football because it is so rarely about the beautiful game. I could pin-point a particular game, where after all the stardom issues, a game some years ago between Kiev and Man U (I expect) was so tactically and technically perfect it was more like watching chess than a sport – an error-free sterile stalemate on the pitch.

Anyway Jose’s return to  Chelsea had all the usual “top-flight” ingredients – Chelsea a long-running soap-opera of a morality-tale to start with – but Mourinho and Messi brought some real style and sheer fun to football, the latter for Barca against Stuttgart. Mourino’s return lived up to the script and the hype  – he does his own hype – and watching Messi was like watching a precocious schoolkid, not only running rings around his opponents (and scoring) but looking like he was doing it for his own amusement.

Jose; got into their heads and made the whole thing about him – which is how he sees the world anyway.

Messi; ball at his feet, running at defenders like a clockwork mouse darting between the legs of narcoleptic cats.

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