Faith in the Golden Rule

Do as you would be done by.

I don’t think Karen Armstrong actually mentions “god” in this 20 minute prizewinning TED talk from 2008 (with 2009 updates) on the Abrahamic monotheistic religions.  The resultant charter and a promotional film. Passed me by in real time, but very interesting and positive.

Looked up Karen Armstrong as a result of (Third Wave) Dave Thomas reference to her 1994 bookA History of God – The 4000 year Quest of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam“. Must add that to Jo Campbell’s “Masks of God” which I’ve still not read yet.

[Post Note – re-watching this, I recall the particular application of the golden rule to others, to strangers, to “know” strangers – reminded me of the Greek/Homeric tradition described in Boyd’s “Origin of Stories” …. and in fact Armstrong mentions “The Illiad” in this talk.]

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