Give him enough rope ?

From a bookclub party conversation with Dave Weinberger [Quote] … asked Minsky if he had read Wolfram’s book. “Of course not.” Why not? Because Wolfram is merely repeating what has been known for twenty years. Further, said Minsky, the book only finds three types of cellular automata: simple ones, looping ones, and complex ones. For a theory to be interesting, said Minsky, it needs to have at least five categories, not three. Minsky was being cocktail-party witty, but I believe his serious point was that Wolfram needs to present a theory that further analyzes the single class of complex and seemingly random cellular automata.[Unquote] I’m in good company then ?

[Am I the only person who confuses Dave Winer, Dave Weinberger and Steve Weinberg ? Sorry guys.]

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