Susan Blackmore Link(s)

Susan Blackmore Link(s) – Went back to look at Susan Blackmore’s provocative contribution to the QuestionCentre2003, blogged a couple of days ago. All I knew about Dr Blackmore previously was her Meme Machine fame – but not yet read it (who’s off to Borders tonight then ?!). I hadn’t spotted that Adam Hart-Davis was her partner, nor the focus on Consciouness and Philosophy of Mind and the mass of papers she has published in this area.

A recent interesting article on The Grand Illusion (of Consciousness) From the Journal of Consciousness Studies and a related cover story from New Scientist in 2002. Impressive list of editors in the JCS – Dennett, Searle, Lakoff to name a few, and several Dennett references by Blackmore in various publications.

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