Brain Connections

Spooky experience today …  I was immersed in my new UK rail (north-east), “free” wi-fi, new HP laptop, new iPhone, blogging, facebook, work-email, learning experience, from Darlington en-route to Kings Cross, Heathrow, Terminal 3, SAS to Stavanger business travel, when the seat beside me was occupied at York by someone reading Sacks “Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat“.

I had to say to her – you don’t often see people reading that, one of my favourite books. Anyway, she had almost finished it, and – blow me – two minutes later she starts reading Jill Bolte-Taylor’s “Stroke of Inspiration“.

Oh, by the way, did I mention ? I’m back to being UK-based, and …. self-employed.

[If you do nothing else, follow that link to Jill Bolte-Taylor’s TED presentation … literally inspiring.]

[PS – SAS from LHR Terminal 3 ? – Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently reference gets me every time. A meme of limited circulation]

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  1. Yes, I’ve always liked Sacks’ “Man who mistook his wife for a hat”. I’ll have to check Jill Bolte-Taylor’s TED presentation.

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