Unlearning (or relearning) communication habits through the experience of social media is the topic of this brief observation from Euan Semple. (I happen to agree – I believe that is a major effect of the overload of communications we all seem to participate in these days – basic social rules are really tied to the pace of evolution of human nature, not the technology cycle – the good news is that if we’re alert, the speed of light participation can help us find the rules very quickly.)

” … wearing a tie and talking funny. Spouting stuff about “process” and “strategy” and “empowerment”. Thankfully I grabbed hold of myself, pulled myself back from that slippery slope and ditched the tie.”

I happen to believe in process and strategy (and governance) …. the real challenge is to rescue them from buzzword devaluation by the funny tie brigade. (See this earlier Dilbert link.)

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