Too Much Information, Professor

Neuroscientist Sebastian Seung talks about his feelings in the TED Talk “I am my Connectome”. The sum total and pattern of synaptic connections between our neurons (of course this ignores other non-neuronal mental activity) is a huge and complex graph. (Billions of neurons with thousands of connections each … he mentions some stats.)

At the 7:45 mark an excellent illustration of one tiny component of the overall complexity.

And he uses the well used stream (river) metaphor for upward and downward causation. You (your mind / your brain) are your connectome; it both supports mental activity and it is shaped by it. Nothing really new here, but so well delivered. Just the opposite of the reduced science of the post before last.

Talks with feeling, but ends on testable science. Integration is the third-culture.

[PS love the English language feature that “you” is ambiguous singular or plural individual. You “are” whilst your mind or your brain “is”. Actually, just racking my brains, that’s true in many languages I know.]

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