Triangular Coincidence

Of no great significance … but last weekend we had a Class of 72 reunion of Guisborough Grammar School, and next weekend “we are flying down to Rio” for a conference and a few days R&R. Yesterday that “Rio” meme led me to dig out and play Roxy Music’s Virginia Plain. Today I see Bryan Ferry interviewed about his latest album Olympia, which of course mentions that original hit and ends with a photo of Ferry performing Virginia Plain, in the summer of ’72.

[Post Note: piling on the coincidences … Steve Brooks someone I’ve not seen in almost 40 years until the reunion two weeks ago, mentioned above, turns up at a Hamsters gig in Normanby last night. Turns out he’s not only a long term Hamsterhead, he’s also the owner of a left-hand drive US sports car; an AC Cobra in his case. Great performance by  Sza Sza’s 17 year-old nephew Matt Billups on drums standing in for Rev Otis, whose heart-op looks like it was successful yesterday. Only caught half the set, due to flying in from my Oslo trip, but they were on form. Last time I saw them – other than the Mad, Bad & Dangerous gigs with Wilko – was at The Brook in Southampton, and they seemed stale and tired, so it was great to hear Slim on form.]

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  1. Just hear him being interviewed on 5Live and came to two conclusions – Richard Bacon will never make the leap from gossip columist and Brian Ferry really does not fit with much of the modern world, he sounded like an artist who cannot really meet the dullness of the actual world head on. Bizarre half hour.

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