Rorty and Dennett on Knowledge Board aggregator

Rorty and Dennett on Knowledge Board aggregator. Interesting opinions about Rorty and Dennett in connection with Darwinian Evolution, Post-Modernism and Nietzsche amongst other things, from Paul Kelly’s blog – “as we know it”. And here was I thinking I was the only one following this philosophical line of investigation in Knowledge Management blogging. I get the impression that this writer also takes the view that disagreement between philosophies does not justify one attacking the other. There is a lot of grey between binary opposites. As I blogged in the last couple of weeks I’m having unexpected problems with Dawkins and Rorty, but currently enjoying Nietzsche.

Paul has this category [Quote] – Selection Theory – aka evolutionary epistemology, holds that evolution is a knowledge process. Knowledge, whether in the form of biological adaptation or cultural innovation, proceeds by the Darwinian dynamic of trial and error, blind variation and selective retention, conjecture and refutation, etc. [Unquote] Spot on. I might perhaps add the implied converse, that knowledge is an evolutionary process too. Re-inforces the idea that truth (in a strictly scientific sense) is quite different from knowledge.

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