Brisbane Hills

Why did nobody ever mention the hills ? Brisbane is a new location for me. Culturally and architecturally reminded me of Melbourne meets Perth meets Alabama with a tasteless church on every corner, except everywhere is uphill to/from everywhere else. I’ll either get fit or ….

After three consecutive nights in the air, my first night in town, last night, was 12 hours solid sleep, but tonight was a recce of Fortitude Valley.

Ric’s Bar had genuinely live music, others had karaoke despite the “live” billings on the Wednesday night. But a very full gig guide to look out for,

Openers at Ric’s were Udays Tiger. Guitar and Drums, with loops of both under control of the guitarist’s feet. Interesting, creative and rough, but very effective – had me in mind of QOTSA. Vocals a bit low in the mix, and a bit strained for my taste, but I will look out for them again.

First it giveth, then in taketh away. The “headline” were At Sea. Equally interesting but less satisfying 5 piece. Bass, lead and rhythm guitarists need to get in sharper tune, if their layered textures are going to work without discord. Rhythm guy seemed want to be at 11 to everyone elses’ 9 and the vocals – interesting goth female – suffered again. Same drummer in both acts. A version of Morning Dew had me singing along (only non-original I noticed), but sadly only the trad two-verse version. The point of the cold-war version is that after the flash in the sky there is no more morning dew.

Such short sets. All over by 10:30pm.

Must look up Gav whilst I’m in town.

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