Karen Armstrong

Linked to Karen Armstrong previously – her “Charter for Compassion” campaign was the subject of her TED talk. She ends up pretty campaigning and preachy in that piece, but she shows a sophisticated position in the God vs Science wars. Not surprising given her history and the enormous number of books she has written on religious history. The History of God and The War for God amongst them.

I started reading her The Case for God at least a month ago, but had a chance to finish it today after a break in which, ironically, I had also read The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

Can’t do a review justice here, but The Case for God is excellent. Dense with research, quotes and references. Starting out with Joe Campbell and George Steiner, she ends on a Buddhist koan, taking in every philosophical and scientific source I’m aware of (Socrates to Wittgenstein, Tillich and Toulmin to the PoMos and the new-Atheists, too many to mention.)

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