New K-Blog RSS Aggregator on-line at Knowledge Board

New K-Blog RSS Aggregator on-line at Knowledge Board. Interesting new addition to the Knowledge Board KM WebLogging community created by Gary Lawrence Murphy at Teledynamics.

This is very good – dead simple, but excellent. I do already use RSS, but the teledynamics page combining the various Knowledge Blogs is a really useful idea. I shall have to watch my P’s and Q’s if my feed is going direct to this page (!) I only put my headline and the link in my RSS feed, (and not the content as some others do) so people can choose to go and read or not, depending on the headline, rather than bulk up the aggregated page with masses of text.

If multiple people find this aggregator useful, it might become an excellent place to experiment with tagging conventions to classify links and content according to subject, purpose, content etc …. Whaddya think Seb ?

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