That’s the word. I’ve been refusing to join the baying mob in seeing Assange as any kind of hero, and still do, despite raising my opinion marginally above “Yawn” recently.

Jeff Hall used the word Martyr, commenting on the recent “Something Worth Worrying About” post from Euan Semple, on which I had already commented and referred to Euan’s previous “Parents, Children & Wikileaks” post.

The real danger is the authorities turning Assange into some kind of Martyr, and turning the metaphorical riot police onto an angry mob of millions of newly converted internet hacktivists. Sadly, the internet “kill switch” may come in handy after all. And, we’ll all be sorry. No surprise the children of the revolution are going analogue.

Children, children. Stand up any benevolent dictator capable of banging a few heads together.

Hat tip to David Gurteen for tweeting the link to Euan’s post.

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