Ten Years of Blogging

This open source s/w approach really works surprisingly well.

I have a collapsing archives plug-in the side-bar that failed as the date went from 2010 to 2011, despite having ten years of successfully linked archives. At first – yesterday – I thought maybe there was a “decade” level of hierarchy, but whatever the design intent the years and months got screwed up in the display. I was about to troll for a fix this morning, and in fact as a logged into WordPress the Robert Felty “Collapsing Archives” plug-in had an update waiting to go … it auto-updated … and it seems to behave correctly. Result.

Oh, and of course that means I noticed this is my 10th year of  blogging ! Wow.

2 thoughts on “Ten Years of Blogging”

  1. Congratulations! 10 years is very long term.

    I am only 8 years in blogging at http:/ailev.ru (and Victor outperform me about a year), while have one of my websites (http://libertarium.ru) running already 16 years 🙂

    From time to time I try to read my 8 year old posts: it seems that they was wrote by not me! Sure you have similar feelings: this was not you that write posts 10 years ago in your blog 😉

    I know that several guys here in Russia lurking your blog.

  2. Many thanks Anatoly. 16 years beats me. I had conventional html / ftp pages up about a year before I started the blog, and they have since been incorporated into the blog (you will find some of the older pages if you stumble through the links.)

    BTW FYI … because my spam filter is unable to handle Cyrillic / Russian text, all comments from .ru email addresses go straight to the comment spam queue, even if they are in English text. You might want to let your Russian friends know this and use gmail.com and such like (or email me directly).

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