Blog Template Update ?

I can see I am going to have to find another theme / template for the blog. Still like the power and flexibility of WordPress so I think I’ll stick with it, but it is a bit geeky to maintain all the features of themes and widgets, despite the integrated UI’s in the Dashboard. A fair degree of lottery in finding a theme that 100% supports the actual features you use, and being 99% open source also a lottery in whether bugs get noticed / addressed, even if you offer to pay. Everything ends up lowest common denominator.

The update will be an excuse for a clear-out / clean-up, but the primary motivation is that the comment feature of the current Blaze New Media / Moonlight theme has a bug in forcing the subscribe and submit buttons right to the foot of the page, where the reader is unlikely to find them – as defined by the length of the side-bar, even if the post itself  is only a few lines long. I have experimented at various times with having a different side-bar or no side-bar for the single post & comment forms, but it just adds to the admin overload, whenever you need to add or change things.

Most themes work fine for simple blogs – but I have ten years worth of posts, pages categories and links, linked every which way. Some of the simplistic previous posts & comments widgets just don’t hack it.

Also disappointing that the Google search widget, which can do more than the in-built WordPress search function, even within the blog content, is now disabled by Google, disapproving of automated searches launched from third-party pages. Pity.

Grrrr. I suspect bog-standard Google Blogger has caught up on most available features these days ? Tempting to switch back, again.

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