The Value of a Death

@GeorgeGalloway Contrasting two posts today.

This morning George Galloway tweeted his cynical disbelief that the execution of a Saudi woman yesterday for “sorcery” had gone unreported in mainstream (BBC) news. (He was right, it was easy to find reports elsewhere, even CNN, but it didn’t show up in BBC news searches.) Again whatever the morality of the death penalty, and notwithstanding it appears her “sorcery” case may have been genuinely criminal fraud of some kind – I couldn’t help thinking the response @GeorgeGalloway was – because with 75 such Saudi executions per year – one was hardly newsworthy.

Contrast that case for example with this one (from the BBC) later today:

At the [coal] industry’s height in the 1920s, 1.2m men were employed in the pits and approximately 2,000 died in accidents every year. Today there are only about 3,500 miners but each time there is a death it is national news. [There were “just” 17 UK pit deaths in the last 10 years.]

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