So much to read, so little time.

Been out of circulation for almost two weeks due to US business trip plus a long weekend in New Orleans. Came back to find a link from Dave Pollard’s blog – thanks for that. Lots of interesting stuff to browse here – particularly noticed several posts on thge “metaphor” thread. Also found a new link from AsWeKnowIt with an antidote to Steven Pinker, who had impressed me. Mainly a series of quotes from H Allen Orr’s review of Pinker in the NYT. Paul Kelly’s own quote about Pinker as being “less about science as politics” is crucial to my position. I’m in no position to judge Pinker’s scientific evidence, though I remain impressed by his ability to present the distinction between science and politics. My Catch-22 position of course is that science isn’t everything, so I guess I’m on thin ice anyway. Which brings us back to one of the Metaphors quoted by Pollard.

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