Scientism’s Flywheel of Pride

Interesting piece “What is Science? What is Language?” from Ted Lumley.

Must read the Whorf and Mach references. Here is Ted’s summary:

There is a problem here in that the scientific way of understanding that has been the very foundation of Western civilization is a rising source of incoherence.  So long as we stick with the scientific method in our attempts at resolving the dissonances of this incoherence, we shall only exacerbate the problem.  Miring us further in this incoherence is the  powerful matrix of living ‘icons’ of Western civilization whose high and richly rewarded and privileged status would be radically altered by a collapse of belief in the scientific tenets of Western civilization.  Yet we are at a point of ‘revision’ of our understanding wherein, as Dan “Moonhawk” Alford observes:

“…  the entire Western worldview logic, reason, science, philosophy, categories the entire ‘civilization’ enterprise of which academia is a part, in fact, is at stake.”

Western civilization is running on the flywheel effect of ‘pride’ as Alford suggests, and on the flywheel effect of the matrix of power constituted by the differentially respected, rewarded, privileged and empowered icons of this civilization.

A long piece, worth a read in full.

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