Warm Fuzzies

Warm Fuzzies – A paper by Michael Meier Published in 1993 on the Pirsig / MOQ site, claims to be about those warm fuzzy desires that get omitted from software “specifications”. Actually it doesn’t go far enough IMHO, most of the anecdotal “warm fuzzies” (like the feel / balance of a hand-tool) are ones that could easily be incorporated into “specifications”, but the main point is cool. This particular quote is very apt in the context of my current day-job.

Our Vision

If we want our clients to be happy with their systems
If we want to take ourselves out of a situation in which we can’t be successful
If we want to maximize the contribution of everyone concerned

then, I believe, we have only one viable alternative. We must make it possible for our clients to assemble their own systems. We must provide them with system Leggo? blocks that can be combined and recombined without programming.

All part of this monolithic / enterprise equals bad, fragmented / flexible / peer-to-peer equals good as per this recent blog.

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