Stapp & Mersini-Houghton

Interesting. Reading Henry Stapp’s Mindful Universe – too early to review, but it is excellent so far. Scientism based on 300 years of engrained classical physics has simply not learned the the role of human consciousness in quantum mechanics – to the detriment of of all human endeavours, not just science generally and science of mind specifically.

The interesting surprise was to find Laura Mersini-Houghton on the editorial board of the lay science book series of which Mindful Universe is a part. And yes, I did also mention the link between Stapp and Rovelli in that previous link to Stapp above.

Small (well, cosmic actually) world of people talking sense.

[Post Note : Deeper into Mindful Universe, it’s a tougher read – not exactly for the lay reader but more the non-specialist scientist – all I can do is trust his reasoning / conclusions.]

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