Pull the other Boson

Look I still don’t buy it.

A particle suggesting / equivalent to the Higgs ? So all the attempted explanations / metaphors / fancy visualizations to date, tell us that the Higgs Field is about “stuff” that resists the movement of other particles and explains the inertial resistance to movement of those particles we know as “mass”.

So how is it the Higgs Boson has more that 130 times the mass of any other sub-atomic particle ? Where does “it” get its mass from. How can the field explaining mass of other particles comprise particles that already have (lots of) mass ?!? What does a Higgs Boson actually have to do with the Higgs Field ?

All these poxy metaphors are failing to tell us something. Emperors and clothes spring to mind.

[Post Note: Also good to see rejection of the God Particle metaphor – not just because of the two-way offence at bringing God needlessly into the political science debate – but because it grossly inflates the significance of the Higgs Boson – it’s just one potential missing piece in the standard model, with plenty more missing pieces – gravity anyone – and many more opportunities for the standard model itself to be proven entirely wrong.]

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