The Guide Book to ZMM

The Guide Book to ZMM – Paul has just loaned me his copy of the Guide to ZMM by DiSanto and Steele. (comes as a two book deal with ZMM from Amazon). In recent weeks I’ve independently compiled a detailed Pirsig Timeline, including both his life and the duration of the ZMM and LILA trips. I notice the Guide includes a chronology right at the start – which seems to tie in perfectly with times and locations of the ZMM trip itself. The guide also hangs the key Chautauqua points off the chronology (as I’ve done with my timeline too), but unlike mine, it doesn’t seem to link to or expand on his biographical details. All good grist to my mill though. (Though complete, note that the uploaded version of the timeline is a bit naff graphically and it’s links are incomplete – I’m working on a simpler version.)

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