Ambiguity is Good

Ambiguity is Good – Dave Weinberger in conversation with Esther Dyson [via Gurteen] about his speech at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conreference [Notes Here]. [Quote] Making something explicit is most often an act of violence. Something that’s implicit is inevitably contexual. We do violence to it when we lose that richness.[Unquote]. Dave is explaining why “social software” is important in preserving content and richness of true knowledge communication.

It fits my manifesto to a tee. Ambiguity is “good” because the real world is full of paradox and uncertainty, and rarely well represented by simply binary choices. A knowledge model which is capable of recognising this is clearly preferable to one supported by rationally-scientific, politically-correct mis-information, even though binary black-and-white choices seem to make for easier decision making.

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