That old Brain vs Mind debate updated with Qubits

That old Brain vs Mind debate updated. You’ll know I’ve been following “Quantum Information Processing” for the past couple of years, well, “neurophilosophy” (previous post) got me thinking.

Is it a “one” ? Is it a “zero” ? Yes its a Qubit QuBit Image

I’ve been corresponding with Peter Marcer at the British Computer Society – Cybernetic Machine Specialist Group, about that group’s latest agenda building on Quantum Information Processing and “Holochory”, and the extent to which it concerns itself with fundamental questions of (i) the nature of “information” itself and (ii) the information processing principles used in brains. I guess neurophilosophy might embody my doubts at a scientific explanation making the leap from “information processing principles used in brains” to “how the mind works“.

You see, the published mission statement from this group (extracted above) is actually summarised on their home page as

“The Conscious Brain as the role model for the Computer. Information as Meaning. What Brains Process. Quantum Information Processing/Holography – an explanation of the morphology and dynamics of Living Systems, DNA, the Biological Cell,…..the Brain, Consciousness, Natural Languages and Creativity.”

Information as meaning ? A physical science explanation for consciousness, natural language and creativity ? A breathtaking leap in anyone’s book. Thinking with meat ? What do you think ?

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