Larry Krauss

I’m reading “A Universe From Nothingfollowing this post, and am 80% through already. Some quick notes summarising significant points he makes:

  1. Anthropic principles do warrant serious scientific consideration. (Despite the various “fine-tuning” questions, no updated mention of the CMBR correlation with earth’s orbit.)
  2. String theory(ies) are overblown in public consciousness well beyond their scientific credibility. (More of the Memetic Problem.)
  3. “Nothing” remains the infinitely recursive hard part of the “something from nothing” question – the nature of “space” – “quantum vacuum” etc … before the big bang; multiverses, etc. Literally meta-physics. (Same old, same old.)

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  1. No they’re my brief summary of key points he seems to be making … (1) is important because so many who should know better dismiss it as a truism … but I’m puzzled there is no reference to his 2006 quote (in my earlier post). Need to research that specific point.

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