When Krista Met Larry

Terrible flirts both of them, but great to see the chautauqua tradition continue. Humans having intelligent conversation that educates. Larry is moved to say:

Most things humans have written over the ages (mythological or otherwise) contain some “wisdom” …. Science isn’t wisdom – just one of the raw materials.

Wow. He’s good. A chameleon who works with his current audience. And he does distinguish himself from Dawkins and from Gould. Distinction between science informing and the doing, the application being more than science. Even the Q&A with sceptics works well. Whatever works for you! Wow, as I said.

[PS – Re  previous post – he admits his something from nothing arguments are about “redefining” nothing.]

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  1. Sorry Ian, I think this is not the best place to post my link, so I re posted it in “Krauss Falls Short of Nothing” where it probably better belongs… Read it, it’s a great rebuttal… your friend, Rick

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