Hope, where the person comes first.

Where there’s ALF & Hope (Akpan) there’s a way. Fair bit of  rhetoric (standard memes) about skills, spirit, youth, experience & character too, but it’s telling that Brian says

“We sign the person first.”

And I think he means it, judging by the other relationships in the club. Some mad results for Reading FC recently. ALF’s late goals as substitute striker (1, 2 & 2) giving us points in three important games recently, despite him failing to score in the cup game where we scored 4 and he was on the pitch the whole 90 minutes.

Particularly mad yesterday where ALF came on in 66th minute and scored in 87th and 94th, both assisted by Hope Akpan, and both scored by single-touch volley / half-volleys, and the ONLY two touches he had in the whole game, a game in which  we barely even got into their final third, let alone a single shot on or off target until then.

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