Women in the World

Would everything be better if women ruled the world asks BBC Magazine.

Yes, actually. I always recall a study I did, where gender and women in management was NOT the point, but I had the data to correlate gender responses, that the statistical average responses from women were significantly different from those of the men. Led me to conclude that a better balance of change management decisions and implementations would be achieved if female influence reflected the balance of the population.

As the dominant sample, response to both questionnaires from the men more or less reflect the overall sample analysed earlier.

Women perceived higher average problem levels for both questionnaires. Both sexes agreed on the four most problematic issues in questionnaire 1, but women perceived COMMITTMENT and ACCEPTABILITY issues of specific recent change as significantly more problematic. In questionnaire 2, women are also unique as a group in perceiving the definition of KEY TASKS and objectives as one of the most problematic issues.

The survey sample summaries in appendix S show that the distribution of women’s roles are skewed into certain grades and departments, however to pursue any correlations and causal connections is beyond the scope of this dissertation.

The fact that the women do emphasise different issues from men supports the idea that encouraging women into a wider range of roles and levels can only improve the balance of issues addressed in future decision making.

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