Divided Brain @dan_roam #fiatech2013

Just heard Dan Roam (Napkin Academy) speak at Fiatech2013.

Great use of Ian McGilchrist’s divided brain model,

… where objective analytical intellect has crowded out the more holistic visual aspect of experiencing the real world. The emissary having forgotten who is master. We need visual outlines before we express in written language. Excellent presentation by Dan.

Particularly impressive – the demonstration of recalling a couple of dozen images presented for only a second each – a 100% when given a visual choice, but barely a handful if asked to list from memory.

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  1. Very important point for our time. McGilchrist’s book makes the point that analytic intellect has the propensity to dominate public discourse over time. Perhaps this is what brings about artistic revolutions every 40-50 years. We are certainly due for one!

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