Public Image by PiL

Interesting, the full live Moshcam You-Tube video of PiL performing in Sydney 10th April includes Public Image amongst all the regulars from the recent tour sets. Starts riskily with the sparse and least accessible Four Enclosed Walls. The mix and visuals make a great record of a current PiL performance.

Not sure what the full running time is (two minutes shy of two hours) but even second track Albatross is a 14 minutes version! Interesting Flowers arrangement. Only regular missing so far as I can see is USLS1.  Whoa! no Religion either – weird. Thought they’d dropped old “hit” Public Image forever – fortunately not – a great 3 minutes “goodbye, you got what you wanted, goodbye” to end the main set, with Open Up as the regular final encore.

[Coincidentally, just finished reading John Lydon’s “Rotten – No Blacks, no Irish, no dogs.” Great inside story on the Pistols’ story from a 1992 perspective. Interesting on several levels – the historical content obviously if the musical events interest you, but the style – chapters in John’s voice with quote inserts from others, but also chapters entirely in the voice of others, with John’s inserts – and the players – including Chrissie Hynde and Richard Branson – the back story on New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders and the dreadful Nancy Spungen. Great use of language by John – yes, his arrogant over-confidence can make him a pain in the arse, but it’s “his” autobiography “and we don’t care, (reverb to fade)”. Love the Lydon vs McLaren court battle – simply presented as the written witness affidavits – honesty pays.]

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