Bigger Moral Fish to Fry

Yet again politics is getting tied in knots over trivial waste-of-time issues – I last mentioned sexual orientation and same sex marriages here, but really it’s the same as Scottish / UK / EU independence debates, and the abolish the lords / bishops in the second chamber debates. Thank god for the lords, as one baroness said recently, a place where worthwhile policy can be debated.

The same sex marriage thing is taking up so much media and political time, from BHA humanist wedding campaigns to the conservative party self-destruct cycle. The sooner we have one legal definition (and thus set of rights) the better – in law, so a civil definition that is – traditions of celebrating the event and what you call it, whatever, your “narrative”, your choice. (And to be clear the only important reason to do this is to stop the debate and get onto something worthwhile.)

The real tragedy; the common theme is friendship or constituencies that make us “we”.

“Friendship is the only cement
that will ever hold the world together.
We are citizens of the world.
The tragedy is that we do not know this.”
Woodrow Wilson (1919)

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