Dear Diary

Backlog of blogs to do …

Link Rot Extraordinaire – OK so Jorn has gone off-line seeking privacy, but what about all those links to material of interest. Blogs should certify their commitment to maintain their not for profit / hobby sites, and if circumstances mean this is no longer possible, advise all linkers and give them sufficient time to preserve off-line copies of linked material.

UK University Fees – Current debate is throwing up fairly obvious sponsorship opportunities. Institute of Physics is offerring prospective undergrads £1K, £2K or £3K contribution to their fees. Making the fees so visible makes the opportunity more real. Philosophy – for real life – Hmm ?

Typhoon – Doomed to be a plane for an outdated role, this project is years behind schedule and massively over budget. Generic (ie multi-role in military hardware terms) is surely the name of any large development project these days – even software 😉

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