The Temple of Science

“I saw the famous Science Temple
with its constant stream of worshippers.”

A Problem in Communication
By Miles J. Breuer, M.D.
PART I – The Science Community

I came across this accidentally via the name Ernst (surname of one author in the 1930 collection “Astounding Stories of Super-Science” on Project Gutenberg) whilst looking for Ernst Mach content on Gutenberg – of which there is sadly only one collection of lectures, though a fascinating range of topics.

Apart from the image, I love the significance of the problem words

Communication and Community.

Dead right.

Of course I’m searching for Mach to follow-up the Boscovich / Einstein links on relativity and space-time – so far his Mach, E. (1906) Space and Geometry. Open Court Publishing: Chicago looks like the best shot, after the collection of lectures (1864 to 1898).

Given that Mach is popularly famous for his Mach Number (ratio of velocity to the local speed of sound), the Mach Principle (your inertia arises from the gravitational mass of the rest of the universe) and the Mach Effect (dynamic visual illusion at the crossing of light lines on a dark background) – it is interesting that he has plenty of fingers in the philosophy of science too . Particularly interesting, given the Mach Principle  and the Mach Effect is the combination of the psychology of (visual) perception of space together with the philosophy of science itself. Clearly a good vantage point for space-time and relativity, no ?

Oh, even better, the subtitle of Space and Geometry is:

….. in the Light of Physiological, Psychological and Physical Inquiry

And encouraging to find also, that is has been part of the forgotten books / classic reprints collection – though newer paperback editions are available;

And wow, like Boscovich, his initial focus is on:

“Physiological Space distinct from Geometrical Space.”

And another of his titles is:

“The Analysis of Sensations and the
Relation of the Physical to the Psychical”

[No reference to Boscovich in either the book or the collection of essays – nor on the Mach Wikipedia page – the plot thickens. Greg Volk suggested (below) there was a direct Boscovich > Mach influence? More good links on Mach here.]

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