Blogging in China

This and the previous three posts blogged from the hotel broadband link in Aotou, People’s Republic of China. Like last time in January, the travel has given me reading time, and the hotel evenings blogging time. Fourth visit, so the local place names are beginning to stick – Dayawan, Anhui, Aotou, Danshui, Huiyang, Huizhou. Also love the way the main routes are named after the first (of two) syllables of the main place names at either end – Shenzen [“ShenShan”] Shantou. Neat.

Difference this time is I have a cold – throat, head, nose, the lot – bad news in this Guangdong / Hong-Kong region. Practically lost my (oral) voice, so I stayed in the hotel yesterday and am now cooped up here for the weekend. Still, it’s an ill wind.

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