Robot Wisdom Back On-Line

Robot Wisdom Back On-Line. Hooray … Jorn still does not yet seem to be posting in public anywhere, but his material (home pages and blog) are all back on line in the state they were on 1st October 2003.

Great news given that I am slowly getting to grips with James Joyce’s Ulysses, is that Jorn’s on-line copy annotated with his comprehensive schemata is there to be used. (Oh no, and not only the Nietzsche links, but also McLuhan links as well from Finnegans Wake. So much to research. [Quote] Marshall McLuhan looked up to Joyce as a writer and artist of encyclopedic wisdom and eloquence unparalleled in our time [Unquote, Eric McLuhan]) Jorn is the reason I’m reading James Joyce. He has such a wealth of material self-penned and gathered from the four corners of the global physical and virtual libraries, that it is quite literally staggering. Awesome in its own right. Remembering where Jorn was coming from in AI, he sees Joyce in Ulysses and Finegans Wake (and the one year research period between) on a mission to create the inventory of life, the universe and everything, as described here [Quote] The general hypothesis is this: Various branches of scholarship have been searching for centuries for a universal categorization of human experience— Aristotle, Spinoza, Vico, Roget, Dewey, Polti, and the Yahoo Web index … and now especially the AI (artificial intelligence) community desperately need a concise inventory of psychological themes: [Unquote.]

As well as Dr. James Willis’ Scylla and Charybdis metaphor for the perils of plotting a course between scientific fundamentalism and unscientific irrationality, I made the link to both Dave Snowden’s and Mark Maxwell’s Edge of Chaos.

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